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    Body of Work

    A catalog of my professinal projects

      Waking from Innocent Dreams

      My Autobiographical Novel (2016 - Present)

      Nelson's Web Hosting

      Server Administration (2015 - Present)

      Ana & Isabel's Reunion

      Helping Salvadorans reunite (2014)

      Inside the Journey

      Adventures In Podcasting (2013 - 2016)

      Operation Ninja S.T.A.R

      Crowd-Funding Consulting (2013)

      Missing Mila, Finding Family

      Book Marketing (2011 - 2013)

      A Kickstarter's Guide to Kickstarter

      My First Book (2011 - 2014)

      Identifying Nelson/Buscando a Roberto

      A documentary Film (2010 - Present)

      S.B.C. Panamá

      Building A Business (2007 - 2012)

      Ana's Miracle

      Adventures in Blogging (2007 - 2011)

      The Village Bank

      Custom Software Development (2004 - 2006)

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