Libertad: A song for my birth mother

A song written by my biological father in memory of his wife, and my mother, who died during El Salvador’s civil war.

Spanish Lrycis

Caminastes junto a mi
en busca de un mejor destino
para ti y lo que viniera de ti

Tu pueblo, tu pueblo no conocio tu entrega
los oportunistas se la robaron
traicionando tu ideal,
nuestro ideal Revolucionario,
consecuente y necesario
en el tiempo y espacio
de nuestra Patria.

La tierra te recibio
no hubo tristeza ni llanto
al partir tu rostro amor reflejo.

Tus iluciones quedaron
se juntaron con el viento
sin quererlo golpiaron mi corazon.

Cuan grande es tu reflejo de amor
que se combierte en inspiracion
para cantar a los vientos
Libertad, Libertad.

English Translation

You walked next to me
in search of a better life
for you, and from you what would come

Your people, your people, did not know of your sacrifice
the opportunists stole it
betrayed your ideal,
our ideal, Revolutionary
consequential and necessary
in time and space
for our country.

The land received you
There was no sadness or crying
In your face love reflected...

Your aspirations were
gathered by the wind
unintentionally hurting my heart.

How big is your reflection of love
which becomes inspiration
to sing to the wind
Freedom, Freedom.



Separated from my family during El Salvador's civil war, by death and adoption, I am a writer, photographer, and storyteller.

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