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    Beyond The Book: A New Series

    Today I’m announcing my new series called Beyond the Book, which will focus on how writing my autobiographical novel, Waking From Innocent Dreams, has changed me and helped me make sense of my past.

    Turning my life into a novel has been a fascinating process because I’ve had to apply structure to chaotic and seemingly unrelated events. It has forced me to answer difficult questions such as, what is the theme of my story? And what details do I leave out? Wrestling with these questions has not only helped me write a better book, but it has also help me come to terms with and integrate my experiences in a way I was unable to do before.

    As the events in my book were happening in real life, I often found it hard to communicate with friends and family what I was going through. I often felt utterly lost and alone with all these challenging emotions. It wasn’t until I discovered the storytelling tools that I found a way to connect with others. While I don’t want these posts to be about the craft of writing, I genuinely believe that examining our lives through the lens of story can help us make sense of the complicated and messy world we live in.

    Beyond the Book will be different from my author updates and will act as a “director's commentary,” or in this case, the "author's commentary” for the book. Each month I will share a new post on subjects such as:

    • Does calling my story fiction make it less real?
    • How I decide what to cut and what to keep
    • Using Batman as an Archetypical character
    • Stories about dream worlds and what they say about living a life detached from reality
    • How I'm using the Spanish language to convey meaning
    • How learning about psychology has helped me write better characters
    • Feeling like a novelist and how strange it is to say that

    I hope you will join me on the journey. If you are already signed up to my newsletter list, you will receive these updates via email. If you are not yet subscribed, you can do so here.

    Also, I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any questions from me about this process? Are there any related subjects you are interested in hearing about? Let me know by replying to my emails or by contacting me on my about me page.



    Separated from my family during El Salvador's civil war, by death and adoption, I am a writer, photographer, and storyteller.

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