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    Waking From Innocent Dreams: Preface
    Utterly drained, frustrated, and still fuming, I dump my sports bag by the door and sit down at the kitchen table. I had just returned from my weekly Sunday pickup game of Ultimate Frisbee, where the yellow team had lost 13 to 15. Despite pouring every last bit of energy I had into the game, I
    Waking From Innocent Dreams: Chapter 1 - Your Family
    Dad appears to be lost in thought as he plans out our first day of spring vacation. He scratches his mostly gray beard while scrutinizing a map of local attractions. My brother Derek and I lean on the stone wall outside of the historic Banyan Guest House, waiting to receive the day’s instructions.
    Chapter 2: Reunion
    A month later, almost to the day, the DNA test comes back positive. Mom and Dad scramble to book our flight and make the necessary preparations. A letter from my maternal grandmother, Mamá Chila, arrives with an English translation provided by Pro-Búsqueda.

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    If you want to read more of my work, here are a few of my best articles.

    Advice to my teenage self
    I turn 40 today, and as I look back at the past 20 years or so, I think about what advice I might give my younger self.
    You are not a failure
    Throughout my life I have failed. I have failed so many times, in so many different ways. Often, it seemed like the things that I struggled with came so easily to others. There can be immense pressure to succeed. To live up to the expectations of others and ourselves. Whenever
    Taste, execution, and resilience. The three parts to making our art.
    Studying a wide range of artists and entrepreneurs led me to identify three themes that are essential to making “art.” They are taste, execution, and resilience.

    My series on feeling like a writer:

    Beyond the Book: Feeling like a Writer (Part 1)
    For the majority of the time I spent working on my autobiographical novel, I never identified as a “writer.” In fact, I’ve had a somewhat contentious relationship with writing for most of my life. But writing the book has helped me overcome my weaknesses and has even led to a shift in my identity.
    Beyond the Book: Feeling like a Writer (Part 2)
    As I’ve worked on my book, I’ve come to understand that spelling and grammar aren’t the same as writing. At the same time, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for the critical role they play in bringing a story to life.
    Beyond the Book: Feeling like a Writer (Part 3)
    Something interesting happened a few months ago when I sat down to work on my book. After years of struggling, I felt like a “writer.” I’ve realized that, when comes to identity, there is often a disconnect between the way others see us and the way we see ourselves.

    My series on choosing a masterwork:

    Beyond The Book: Choosing a Masterwork (Part 1)
    In the summer of 2019, when I started working with my editor, Rachelle Ramirez, one of our goals was to find a well-established novel, film, or any other story that I could use as a template to help ground my story.
    Beyond the Book: Choosing a Masterwork (Part 2)
    When my editor first suggested using a Batman film as my masterwork, I was intrigued but unsure how I could incorporate it into my work. After all, what does the caped crusader have in common with a journey about getting to know my biological family?
    Beyond The Book: Choosing a Masterwork (Part 3)
    In my last post, I talked about selecting a Batman movie, The Dark Knight, as the masterwork for my autobiographical novel, Waking From Innocent Dreams. In this post, I will share a few ways that I incorporated this movie and the character of Batman into my book.

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